A. Short Trip

Short trip done by foot following track path,many beautiful thing we can see during the trip,some flora as like mangrove vegetation,ficus,remedies plant,and atc

Weather lucy some animal also can be see as like long tail macaque,black monkey,barking deer,squirrel and reptile.

short trekk

Short trip will speed 2-3 hours,the trip will done under the shade around low land forest which has unique and attractive.

short trekk1

B. One Day Trip

Who want to do adventure in the natura and spend more time in the forest,this trip will be spend 7-9 hours passing by different type of forest as like production forest,moonson forest,savana and low land rain forest,this trip also passingthrough hill and little mountain with elevation of 680 meters

Around rain forest the are river that make natural sense,nice land skip also large tree,during the trip some plant can be found such as rattan,bamboo,itching plant,fern and etc,weather lucy some animal also can be found here.